The Rewards of Traveling

Y’all know your girl loves to travel and see the world, yes?? There’s nothing like the feeling of discovering new places because it means meeting new people, eating different cuisines and shopping (eyy). And why stop there? It also means racking up points from AirAsia’s Freedome Flyer Programme.

And girl, I’m as shookt as you because if you didn’t know, AirAsia, the world’s best low-cost airline, unveiled the world’s first Freedom Flyer Programme aimed at making it easier, faster and better for loyal guests to earn AirAsia BIG Points. Yaaaas, my fellow students out there, rejoice! It’s based on a unique membership status system determined by how often a guest flies – the more you fly with AirAsia, the faster you will earn BIG Points, regardless of how much they spend on fares (!!)

And while I’m at it, here are some key features you should know:

• It’s a FREE membership that lasts a LIFETIME

• BIG Points awarded to members do not expire unless a member has nil activity for a continuous period of 36 months which is no biggie especially if you love to travel!

• BIG Points can be used to redeem all flights on AirAsia for a minimum of 500 BIG Points.

• Seats available for redemptions are designed to suit varying traveling needs of members:

a) Final Call Sale – Selected seats for travel in the next 60 days is priced at up to 90% discount from prevailing market fares during this monthly promotion. The best offers on Final Call Sale starts at 500 BIG Points for a one-way seat. No other airline loyalty programme offers this level of generosity.

b) BIG Fixed Points – Selected seat for travel up to next 365 days is available for redemption at blocks of BIG Points based on flight hours, representing up to 70% discount from prevailing market fares. The Fixed Point redemption is as follows:

4500 BIG Points              One-way seat for flights up to 1 hour

6500 BIG Points              One-way seat for flights up to 2 hours

10,500 BIG Points           One-way seat for flights up to 3 hours

16,500 BIG Points           One-way seat for flights up to 4 hours

20,500 BIG Points          One-way seat for flights up to 5 hours

25,000 BIG Points          One-way seat for flights up to 6 hours

30,000 BIG Points          One-way seat for flights up to 8 hours

45,000 BIG Points           One-way seat for flights above 8 hours

c)   Market Fare redemption – When seats are no longer available for discounted redemption via Final Call Sale or BIG Fixed Points, all available seats are still able to be redeemed at market price translated to BIG Points at MYR 1 for every 100 BIG Points.

• The unique membership status system for members is dependently solely on the frequency of flights with AirAsia in the preceding twelve months:

Red status                     Less than 13 one-way flights

Gold status                    Between 14 to 23 one-way flights

Platinum status            Between 24 to 49 one-way flights

Black status                  50 and above one-way flights

A one-way long-haul travel on AirAsia X and fly-thru flights are counted as 2X one-way flights for purposes of membership status qualification. It is doubly rewarding to travel long haul on AirAsia X. This unique membership status system is unlike the traditional concept which is often dependent on the amount of money member spent on the airline.

• To fully enjoy all the perks and privileges of AirAsia’s Freedom Flyer Programme, members simply need to download AirAsia BIG Loyalty’s all new mobile app available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Members are encouraged to turn on the notifications service to ensure they do not miss out on the latest flight promotions, newly introduced membership features and exclusive privileges offered from time-to-time.

AirAsia Co-Founder and AirAsia Group CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes said, “I am pleased to introduce the world’s first Freedom Flyer Programme. AirAsia is about freedom. When my partner Datuk Kamarudin and I started AirAsia, we dreamed of democratising air travel so flying would no longer be a luxury only a few could enjoy. We wanted to give everyone the freedom to fly. This new and improved loyalty programme is the latest in our continuing quest to give our guests the freedom to live the rewarding life they’ve always dreamed of.”

If you need motivation to travel for FREE, then here it is!! Fly with Air Asia and join their free Freedom Flyer Programme to snag perks and travel around the world without thinking twice.

♡ Aryanna

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