The Happiest Place On Earth


Disney has always been a big part of my life while growing up. From watching Little Mermaid to Tangled and pretty much seeing Mickey Mouse on TV every morning before going to school, I grew up with anything Disney. The last time I visited Disneyland was in California way back in the year 2000 and being such a tiny little fellow, I didn’t remember much about the park except for a mildly-scary pirate water ride and a huge, dark rollercoaster which I assume was Space Mountain. Looking back at it now, how did they let a 3 year old get on those rides? Also, it didn’t seem like the happiest experience in the world…

When I visited Hong Kong over the APEC Summit week, I made it a point to redeem myself from the last time I visited. Of course, my first point of business was to purchase some Minnie Mouse ears because, duh? I felt like Minnie reincarnated in a 19 year-old human body. Now I was totally ready to conquer Hong Kong Disneyland yaaas! So many things brought back such near and dear memories, especially when they had their parade and all my favorite Disney princesses came out to wave at us like, OMG ARE YOU WAVING AT ME?? I LOVE YOU #GOALS *waves*. I fangirled a little too hard but please do understand that is the result of 16 years of pent-up emotions.

Aside from practically fawning over every Disney mascot, merchandise and food, conquering the rides were definitely on the agenda. Space Mountain did not scare me like it did my 3 year-old self, instead, I felt a rush of euphoria because meow wow I seek thrill #badass. It’s a Small World was as hypnotic and colorful as ever. I loved Toy Story land because they designed the park in such a way that things that would normally be small (like a bouncy ball) were built huge to make you feel as if you’re a toy living in the human world oooh.

When the night ended with the lighting up of the castle and choreographed fireworks, I could feel my inner-child totally fulfilled and satisfied. Never have a felt such a strong and magical connection with a theme park and I’m glad that even at the age of 19, I got to prance around and be in total awe of everything. It may sound cheesy, but there’s a reason why they call Disneyland “the happiest place on earth”!

♡ Aryanna

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