Mother’s Day Surprise Tips


I just want to start by being clear with you guys, because I take Mother’s Day (or any holiday for that matter) quite seriously. I love planning surprises and going all out on celebrations, especially if it’s for my loved ones. I like the feeling of watching people’s faces brighten up when surprised and I believe everyone deserves to feel extra special and appreciated. Here are some tips I used for planning Mother’s Day and can also be used for future events to come:

1. Plan, plan, plan! Make a list of everything you need and gather intel way ahead of time. Whether you have 1 month or 1 day left to plan, it’s all about organizing and creating a list. Take note of things your mom is interested in and think outside of the box too. Find something more meaningful rather than just the typical flowers and chocolates if you want to level up your gift-giving game. Here are some examples: a beauty pamper kit which includes face masks, lotions, bath bombs, body scrubs, etc; a music box that plays your favorite lullaby or her favorite song; pay for your family’s Netflix subscription, especially if your mom loves bingeing TV shows!

Clockwise: I printed out some pictures of my mom and I and one of her and my brother and placed them in these cute photo frames; Truffles and chocolate-covered strawberries courtesy of Raffles; A rose; An infinity rose to symbolize our undying love (these roses last up to 1 year before wilting), my handwritten Mother’s Day Card; A music box which plays ‘You Are My Sunshine’, which is our favorite song; A succulent cake; Brownies and wine hehe ty Raffles.

2. Get your accomplices on board. Make reservations in advance because certain holidays can get booked fast the closer it gets to the target day. For this Mother’s Day, I made a reservation at Raffles Makati Hotel as I know my mom absolutely loves it there. It also made planning a lot easier as they have the amenities to help execute my plan more flawlessly.

My dad helped me execute the plan by helping me set up and he also went home to pick up my mom, blindfold her, and bring her up to the room.
As some of you may know, I’m terrified of balloons, but I knew this would make cute decorations and that my mom would love them. Thanks to the butlers at Raffles, they offered to blow up all the balloons for me!! Literally a life-saver.

3. Plan out your day: pick fun activities your mom enjoys for example, a mani-pedi, swimming, a massage, or mine and my mom’s personal Mother’s Day tradition, High Tea, or even just ~alone time~ where you and your mom can bond and catch up.

The whole family enjoyed Sunday brunch at Mireio. Raffles Makati invites guests to Mireio to enjoy its “Weekends in Provence: A Family Affair”. The elegant brasserie now offers an ambience perfect for families to gather over lunch from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m., every Saturdays and Sundays.
Celebrate any occasion with endless servings of savoury appetizers, salads, egg dishes, live-station of freshly-made risotto, a family sharing of main course, and a delightful dessert and cheese buffet at PHP 1,980 per person.
IMG_7715 copy
Let’s brunch! Not only perfect for Mother’s Day, but also for the whole family.
I made sure she was extra pampered by booking a spa treatment and massage for her. There are a bunch of Mother’s Day special massages you can choose from (which are tdf, tbh, you wont regret it). She and my dad enjoyed the “Adored” treatment which includes a 15-minute Foot Ritual, 45-minute Willow Stream Body scrub, and finally a 60-minute relaxation massage.
And of course we had to celebrate over our traditional high tea. Totally gushing over this super cute Marie Antionette-inspired theme at the Writer’s Bar!
The Royal Afternoon Tea Series starts on May 1 until July 31, and will be first featuring the luxurious Marie Antoinette Afternoon Tea. Indulge in a medley of sweet and savoury creations inspired by the queen known for her extravagant lifestyle.


For the true stay-cation experience, you have got to go swimming, especially if the beach is too far. My brother and I just enjoyed lounging around and splashing in the water


4. DIY decorations can make a big difference. Whether it be at a hotel or just at home, you can spruce up the place by printing photos and placing them in a cute frame, making homemade gifts, banners, streamers, bake your own cake (or you can order one like I did, haha), face masks, bath bombs, and tea candles for the ultimate pampering experience. Trust me, mom’s love cutesy stuff just as much as we do.

Top L-R: I decorated the bathroom with tea candles; Placed heart-shaped Post-it’s on the wall to form a “MOM” sign and a heart. This makes for a cute photo wall; CAKES! Bottom L-R: Brought 2 bath bombs for a fizzy bath time, placed more tea candles and hearts on the wall; Heart-shaped post its formed in a heart on the mirror for a morning surprise; Put Christmas lights by the bed for the ultimate pak-factor hahaha

5. Surprise her! Get the whole fambam in on it to help execute your plan better. Ask your siblings and use your dad as physical man power. I was so glad the staff at Raffles helped me by blowing up balloons for the room and even escorting my mom to her room while she was blindfolded (naks, production!!)


A big shoutout to the friendly and accommodating staff at Raffles for making our stay amazing! From blowing up the balloons, to escorting my mom upstairs, to handing me a tissue when they saw me running in the hotel looking sweaty (omg haha), thank you!

6. Enjoy, relax, and appreciate. While gifts are always appreciated, nothing beats making meaningful memories that are thoughtful and full of love. In the end, no matter what you do, or don’t do (BUT PLS DO SOMETHING LOL), our mom’s love us no matter what because they’re just amazing that way.

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Hope you guys got some ideas for this coming Mother’s Day, or any upcoming holiday too. If you have questions, you can leave me a comment and I’d love to help you brainstorm!

♡ Aryanna

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