Aryanna’s Traveling Ice Cream: ITALY


Nothing soothes a hot day like ice cream can. Isn’t it amazing? Not only is ice cream amazingly delish, but it can also mend a broken heart and fill up a hungry tummy! While I was traveling all around Italy last summer, I made it a point to have a sort of bucket list. The goal: to try at least one gelato from every city (or have a gelato or two everyday). As you read that sentence, I’m sure you’re thinking omg that sounds so fattening. And you know what? It is HAHA (but did you know that gelato has a lower fat content than ice cream? Then again, gelato has more sugar… but anyway). But again, please understand that this is not an opportunity you get everyday (and I had been walking everywhere, so I’m pretty sure I burned all those pesky calories) and this is my excuse to just stuff my face with some molto delizioso gelato!

Little tidbits I learned and like about gelato:
1. It’s freaking creamy and delicious and wonderful and a blessing to the planet Earth #praise
2. There are gelaterias everywhere, so sometimes it’s hard to decide to pick a place. If all else fails, try them all.
3. It’s hard to find a bad gelato because most places serve them fresh and are homemade.
4. Certain places specialize in different flavors. Limone (lemon) and cocco (coconut) are especially good at the Amalfi Coast.
5. My faves: pistaccio (pistachio), cocco (coconut), fragola (strawberry), bacio, stracciatella, caffe (coffee), and amarena.
6. Servings can be very generous but you will still not be inclined to share your gelato with others.
7. Even though gelato can be expensive in the more touristy areas, it’s still going to be worth it because YUM??
8. Don’t be afraid to try weird flavors that you can’t understand or pronounce! Sometimes I’d just point to a flavor like, yeah I want the pink one please and thank you.

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♡ Aryanna

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