Squirrel In Hong Kong


During the APEC summit, Dad and I skedaddled over to Hong Kong for a week. It’s been two years since I was last in Hong Kong yet even after all that time, the city never felt so familiar. I love the busy vibe — like everyone is purposefully walking with a goal in mind to be somewhere. It’s inspiring to be around people like that but at the same time, it’s also nice to stop where you are and watch people as they pass. Since Hong Kong is a walking city, wearing something comfy and stylish at the same time are musts! I was totally in touch with nature and all the elements with this quirky squirrel-printed coords. I felt like my furry friend while scurrying around the city.

My dad has a great eye for street photography. He was able to capture contrast of the stillness in an ever-moving city. Some of my favorite photos by him are the ones that have a raw and unassuming feel about them.

What I liked doing while re-exploring the city was discovering new places to eat and shop at. We must have eaten at the Green Waffle Diner four times because we were craving for a western breakfast. And of course, how could I not go to Sasa everyday to marvel at the insanely wide variety products — heaven for beauty addicts. Read about my Sasa haul here.

Travel tip: Most restaurants don’t open until 10-11AM so buy food the night before at a supermarket to hold you over until opening hours. If you’re looking for a continental breakfast and you’re not staying in a hotel, try Green Waffle Diner in Causeway Bay! I suggest their signature Pandan Waffles or Katherine’s Breakfast mmmm. 

♡ Aryanna

Photography by Tom Epperson

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