Southside Serpent

Actor Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones in ‘Riverdale’

“Our story is about a town, a small town, and the people who live in the town.
From a distance, it presents itself like so many other small towns all over the world:
Safe. Decent. Innocent.
Get closer, though, and you start seeing the shadows underneath.
The name of our town is Riverdale.
And our story begins, I guess, with what the Blossom twins did this summer.”

– Jughead Jones, Riverdale (S01E01)

“Sardonic humor is just my way of relating to the world”
“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, especially not when there’s a snake curled up in its limbs.”
“Have you ever seen me without this stupid hat on? That’s weird.”

We all know and love the classic Archie comics’ own Jughead Jones: burger-obsessed, non-conformist and a sarcastic comedian. In Netflix’s original series, Riverdale, Jughead is slightly same but different…darker, more socially-excluded and not asexual.  I didn’t think twice when it came to deciding who I wanted to go as for Halloween. Aside from the fact that Jughead, played by Cole Sprouse, is actual bae, I believe I can relate to his character in the show. In an era of fake news, Jughead fights for what he knows is right, adamant about finding out who killed Jason Blossom. Despite his cold exterior, we know how loyal he is to his friends, Betty, and FP. Although he presents himself as a social outcast, he isn’t affected by what others think of him and stays true to himself.  We could use a little bit of Jughead in our lives—passionate, nonjudgemental, resilient, and always hungry for life (and burgers). Don’t be afraid to be yourself, may it be on Halloween or not. Be yourself. Be a weirdo.


“In case you haven’t noticed, I’m weird. I’m a weirdo. I don’t fit in. And I don’t want to fit in. Have you ever seen me without this stupid hat on? That’s weird.”

Photography by Tom Epperson

Forever 21 jacket, flannel top and jeans; DIY’d Jughead crown beanie; Custom-printed ‘S’ t-shirt;
Dr. Martens boots

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  1. Vallee Gonzaga

    Awesome Halloween costume! You own it brotha…or sistah! Haha 🎃


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