Style Arithmetic (No Math Skills Necessary)

Eyy, so it’s going to be a start of a new term for me this coming September and I wanted to make sure early on that I had some new pieces to add to my closet.  Just like how some people get excited about shopping for stationery at the beginning of the school year, I look forward to finding outfits that both suit my style and can be worn several times over the course of the term while still being able to mix and match them.  I guess that’s really the cool thing about going to a university that allows you to be creative with your style but if your school requires a uniform, then don’t worry fam!! I gotchu for the weekends too!! So guys, this style arithmetic is so easy, you don’t even have to be good at math.

Check out some of the outfits and pieces I got from The SM Store in SM Aura Premier by clicking/swiping through the slider:

♡ Aryanna

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