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I live for rainy days. There’s just something about it that makes me want to sleep in 2 hours longer, snuggled up in bed under icy sheets and fluffy pillows. Gloomy days are nostalgic and remind me of days when I was a kid where it would be raining so hard that I’d ask my mom and dad if I could go outside to play in the rain. I’d thrown on my rain boots and rain coat and dance around as if it were an ode to the rain. Up until today, I still find playing in the rain amusing. I push the thought of being cold in the back of my head because nothing beats a rainy day than splashing in puddles and practically wearing a tutu and trench coat in the middle of the road. Also, I feel like a traveling princess in this mesh petticoat.

♡ Aryanna

Forever 21 bow, Uniqlo trench coat, Stradivarius top, Maureen Disini petticoat, Juicy Couture high tops, Japan Home Centre umbrella

Photography by Tom Epperson
Styling by Jenni Epperson

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