Longest Summer

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Transitioning from summer to school can be demotivating, but what better way to praise our last days than by going all out in breezy attires while strolling through secret gardens?

School for me ended on the last week of May and my vacation ends in late August. I deem this to be my longest summer ever! I’ve been spending my days doing a lot of things, making sure to make the most out of my vacay. Ever since the academic calendar changed, this is technically the last time I’ll be having a summer break. The rest of my breaks in college will only be for a week or two between each term, and a month long for Christmas since we are a trimestral system boohoo. Oh well, why dwell on what’s inevitable when I can make the most out of my numbered, sunny days? Cheers to swimming by the pool, working on fun projects, making more videos, trying new things and just chilling.

I’m squeezing the most out of my vacation by wearing summer dresses and pretty petal shoes from Mel. I know I can’t stop mentioning it, but these flats smell like wild berries! Yum yum. Speaking of which, maybe I should whip myself up a smoothie mmm. ..

Until we meet again, summer.

♡ Aryanna

Mel shoes, Forever 21 dress

Photography by Tom Epperson

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