Let’s Flamingle

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Flamingle: “The act of trying to flirt/mingle but you are so awkward that you become a flamingo.”

Mingling. Ah, humans. Human connections. Not exactly my forte but it’s something I’ve definitely been working on as I continue my journey of self-discovery and being more open to new things. I’m definitely a self-admitted introvert, but maybe to you guys, that isn’t so apparent especially since I’m a MTV VJ, I make videos on YouTube and host events on the fly — sooo not introvert-y. Maybe that’s because I’m trying to break out of my shell and try new things #cringefest. As much as it’s been a challenging feat, I have no regrets! Through being more open to new experiences, it allowed me to connect with amazing people, learn new skills, and overall, made me feel like a much more well-rounded person.

People have always asked me how I overcame my shyness and it was ever since my mom made me try “extrovert exercises” which were as simple as ordering food over the phone, buying something at the convenience store, and talking to people while looking at them in the eyes (wow so scary!) Haha, as funny and mundane as it may sound, those little things helped me slowly build up my confidence. Now I can actually tolerate human interaction without wanting to sneak back into my shell, go home and snuggle with a good book.

Humans are pretty cool. So are books, brunch and movies. Well, I didn’t become confident overnight and I think I’m still entitled to staying at home alone but now I’m totally infatuated with the idea of trying new things and meeting new people. One small step for man, one giant leap for Aryanna not being so freaking awkward all the time. Cheers! On that note, I’ll be going out into the world (aka the #YSProm) tonight and hopefully will be able to sneak myself a few of their kawaii stickers.

♡ Aryanna

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  1. Ivy

    I sooo love your new blog layout/design! Bigger pictures! So lovely to look at. Your dad’s photography is so awesome. Keep the posts coming!!


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