Find Your Own Style (And An Excuse To Shop Too!)

Do you ever stop and wonder about what makes you unique? I admit that it’s difficult trying to set yourself apart from other people and truly finding what makes each of us beautiful both inside and out. I believe that it’s not a competition — it’s about self-discovery and always pushing to become a better version of yourself.

Through experience, I have realized that it is by trying different things that we can truly find out what we like and who we are. For example, when you’re thinking about what you want to do for work in the future, try experimenting with different hobbies! Who knows, your love for calligraphy could propel you into becoming an artist or your love for books could turn you into the next best-selling author. Like anything in life, clothes can do the same for you. By playing around with different outfits, you can find unique styles that can you apart and truly encapsulate your personality without sacrificing individuality.

I attended The SM Store’s #SMStyleSeries with talks from the Blogger Besties and the Editor-In-Chief of L’Officiel where we got a few tips and tricks on pushing style individuality:

(From left)  Laureen Uy, Kryz Uy, and Nicole Andersson
Pam Quiñones with photographer Shaira Luna.

On discovering personal style:

Experiment. Don’t be afraid to experiment because that is the number one way to discover your own personal style. Through trying out different clothes or playing with different trends or looks, you can find out what works for yourself. Honestly, it takes a few tries before you get it right. Believe me, I’ve transition a lot before really finding out what looked good on me and what made me feel good about myself.

L to R: 2009 Aryanna loved a tomboyish style: beanies, my overused Marc Jacobs “Hello, Who invited you?” statement tee, and my signature knee-high Converse boots reflected my active and sporty lifestyle. 2013 Aryanna always wore florals and frilly dresses. This was the time when I started embracing a more feminine look. 2017 Aryanna is now more boy-meets-girl. I’ve combined both of my previous styles and merged them to reflect both my tomboyish and girly personality.

Flaunt your assets. Take advantage of clothes that fit you well while mixing and matching with high and low pieces. You don’t need to be decked head-to-toe in designer clothes to look like a million bucks.

Be confident! Cliche, but true. If you are sure of your own personal style, flaunt it! Clothes can really transform your feeling and ~awra~. What you wear is who you are and be happy being you.

On taking OOTD-worthy photos: 

Lighting. Natural and soft light looks best as compared to direct and harsh lights that leave your photos with heavy shadows. Rock that no-filter look effortlessly!

Location. Consider your background when taking pictures. Capture the essence of the place but also make sure you stand out. If you don’t have your own Instagram boyfriend, find your Instagram best friend! I always ask my friends or even my parents to take a picture of me when I know I can get a cool shot somewhere.

Angles and Composition. Practice your poses and don’t be afraid to take different shots from different angles, even in public places. It may seem embarrassing at first, but once you get over the fear that people are judging you, you’ll take some great shots. Tbh, nobody really cares that you’re shooting your OOTD because everybody does it so go lang gurl.

I paired this SM Woman dress from The SM Store Premier with a hot pink belt to match with the pink flowers in the background. The blue and pink stand out against the green and I turned my head to the side to show a profile of my hair in a bun. I made sure I took the photo earlier in the morning so that the sun wouldn’t be so harsh on my face and instead created soft shadows.  Werq it.

On Magazine values translating to your personal style:

Magazine = Values + Concept + Subject + Mood Board + Team Effort. This creates a cohesive look. When it comes to definign yourself, especially your personal style, think back to your values and create a concept you’d like to execute, create a mood board of things that inspire you and don’t be afraid to ask your friends or family for their opinion. In the end, it’s all about how you can create a unique and cohesive look that makes you feel confident.


Stay relevant by finding timeless pieces you can add to your closet. It’s good to know fashion trends but you don’t have to follow it to a T. Take little pieces of inspiration from conceptual idea.

Don’t follow fashion rules as you will break them eventually. Have fun by discovering who you are and express it through your personal style. Clothes can be so empowering!!

Time to experiment and discover your personal style. And really, what’s a better excuse to shop?

Check out the collection at an The SM Store Premier in SM Makati, SM Aura, and SM Megamall to help style up your closet with some fun and timeless pieces perfect for your everyday look.

♡ Aryanna

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