Father’s Day Styling Sesh




When I was a kid, around my brother Dylan’s age, I remember my parents always giving me the freedom to wear what I wanted — that meant anything from tie-dyed pants to Barney fluffy slippers. I loved it! Dressing up and expressing myself is always fun! Just like me, or maybe even more so, my brother loves to dress himself and pick out his own outfits. He is very particular when it comes to styling himself because he knows what he likes. My mom who is a stylist said he has a good eye for style. He also has a cool vibe just like my dad.

For this Father’s Day, my mom and I wanted to give dad, actually, more of the Epperson boys the gift of fashion and footwear. This would both be fun yet very challenging as they each have their own styles. Challenge accepted!!! We shopped at Payless ShoeSource since they offer a wide variety of stylish, comfy and affordable shoes, bags and accessories for kids and adults (aka killing two birds with one stone for when I shop for my brother and dad!) 

Turns out, it was pretty easy to help style dad and Dylan as they know what they like and since Payless ShoeSource offer super comfy and light-weight shoes (apparently, these are mandatory for guys’ shoes) choosing was a breeze. The hard part was getting them to stop cracking jokes while shopping and shooting. Ugh, boys.

Happy Father’s Day, dad!

♡ Aryanna

All shoes from Payless ShoeSource, visit their website here.

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