Christmas Shopping Adventure

Ever since I was a kid, I always made it a point to save enough money throughout the year to be able to get my family gifts at the end of the year. It’s one of my ways to show my appreciation for my loved ones. I also get a kick out of surprising them with thoughtful presents. Until today, I still make the effort to give meaningful yet practical and fun gifts for my parents, especially for my mom. She in particular is a challenge because every time I ask her for what she wants for Christmas, she always replies, “I have everything I need.” AND THAT’S NOT OK LOL. So I decided to just narrow it down to fashion, kitchenware and home accessories. But as I’ve traversed throughout the years, my options have lessened (omg she really does have everything SOS) but thank God I decided to check out Rustan’s again. My goooosh, now I had too many options but that’s a good problem to have!! So check out some of the stuff that I think my mom (and maybe your mom’s too) might like:


It’s been tradition for me to get my mom a tea set every year and they never go to waste no matter how many teacups she has as tea-time is a norm at our house
Omg I know my mom would go gaga for these golden Bugatti silverware
Check out this Christofle The Mood Cutlery Egg. If it’s good enough for Kylie Jenner, it’s good enough for my mom!!
This is the extra ~pak~ my mom would love for her table settings.
Bar cart + bread container because she loves carbs (who doesn’t??)


My mom loves anything tropical, beach-y or pineapple, so this Aranaz bag is a close contender hmm…
And ode to Breakfast At Tiffany’s. It’s one of our favorite films that we could watch over and over again.
Bedding isn’t a bad idea either. These sheets and pillowcases from Ralph Lauren Home are beautiful. I guess you can tell cause I practically wanted to stay in bed and just lay there all day lol
I was so surprised to see this available at Rustan’s!! This music box was made in Sorrento where my dad and I had actually visited the factory while at Italy. The wood inlay is all handcrafted. I know she’d love this to keep all her jewelry and it’s defs a plus because it plays her favorite classical song, Fur Elise.
Self-explanatory. Anything from Kate Spade like this mirror compact is an A+ in our books.

Safe to say I was easily able to find a lot for my mom at Rustan’s. My shopping experience was super smooth. I didn’t have a problem finding anything for my mom, more like I had a hard time choosing with all the options available.Also, shoutout to the super amazing staff with their top-notch customer service! For last-minute Christmas shopping check out Rustan’s. I’m sure you’ll find some hidden gems there.

♡ Aryanna

Forever 21 top and sorts, Payless shoes, Kate Spade bag

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