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I was so psyched to watch Ariana Grande’s Honeymoon Tour concert. I’ve been ranting about watching her ever since it was announced that she’d be coming to Manila however, I did not think I would have the chance to see her live because: 1) expensive 2) expensive. Two days ago, my friend Nicole messaged me asking if I was game to watch because she had 2 lower box tickets (aka: yaaas affordable!) Obviously, I was G to the max until she texted me only hours before the concert that she wouldn’t be able to make it. Bummed, I sat on my butt and dwelled. About an hour after scrolling through my Twitter feed, she called me and said plans changed and we were still on for tonight. O M G. This was sign!!! I’d finally be seeing my name twinsie! Ahhhh!

Cat ears on = game face on.

The minute Ariana Grande came out on stage, she slaaaayed! All I could think of at first was how she could dance around in incredibly high heels and how long her hair was (#hairgoals). She started her concert with Bang Bang and never have I been literally blown away by a voice. Her range is amazingly wide and can reach extremely high notes. From belting out Whitney Houston to Madonna to Cashmere Cat-produced “Be My Baby,” she just exuded kitty glitters and magical moonlight powers. Not only did she nail her choreo, she kept the crowd jumping and pumping. It was so cute seeing all the cat girls out at night worshiping the moonlight bae.

The Phrases Ariana Grande Said During Her Performance (That I Remember…):

1. I love you guys so much!!!



5. Loooove!

5. You’re all sooo cute!!

6. Manila sing c’mon!

7. Thank you, guys!

Thank you Ariana for a superb performance! We conceived an unconceivable adventure. It was fantastically fantastical that felt like we soiled ourselves from intergalactic excitement!! (If ya know what I mean, Arianators?)

♡ Aryanna

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