Mid-Year-ish 2017 Favorites

I was answering my Q&A A Day Journal and it has reminded me about how much I am grateful for, especially this year! I know August is such a random mid-year-ish recollection for 2017 but I just felt like sharing some stuff that’s happened this year that was pretty cool:

qna1. Q&A A Day (For Me) 3-Year Journal: I remember seeing the 5-year version of this journal go viral on Facebook and I loved the idea of keeping track of what happens in life everyday for the next 3 to 5 years. I found both the 5 and 3 year journal but opted to go for the For Me version since it’s way cuter and more ~millennial~ lol. Inside the journal are questions which ask you different things like “What made you happy today?”, “When did you feel understood?”, or even fill in the blanks like “You could say I’m addicted to _____,” It’s fun to see how your answers will change over the course of 3 years. I like the fact that it gives me something to do at the end of the day whilst reminding me about the little things and simple joys life has to offer even when we feel super swamped with problems, work, or school. P.S. I purchased this a Fully Booked Greenbelt 5.

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2. My dog, Mabel: Do you know what it feels like to be in love? Magnify that feeling times 42 and that’s how much I must love my golden retriever Mabel (pronounced as May-bell, not Mah-bell smh). Her nickname at home is Unstable Mabel because she is such a clown — very goofy and is a character (compared to our border collie Q who is a composed and agile little lady). Honestly, I thought she would be a pain in the ass to deal with because it took a few months to potty train her, but now, she’s anything but a headache — she is a flowery bundle of joy who mirrors my personality. She enjoys naps and hugs.


3. Signorina in Fiore Eau de Toilette: Ferragamo’s Signorina in Fiore shines through in true millennial pink fashion. Not only is it aesthetically beautiful on its own, but the flowery scent with notes of nashi pear sorbet and juicy pomegranate make it a perfume suitable for everyday. Look at that freaking beautifully delicate bottle!! It sits nicely next to my other perfume bottles (because they’re all pink lol).

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4. Sad Girls by Lang Leav: I remember first finding about her through her poetry book Love & Misadventure. To be completely honest, I couldn’t relate much with the topics on unrequited love and relationships as I was a single pringle at that time (and still am l o l), way too busy with school to think about boys breaking my heart. The only thing that broke my heart at the time was probably when Army Navy discontinued their Enchilada Pasta (RIP). Anyway, my mom came home with this book for me. I didn’t know what to expect since she’s known for writing poems, not novels. But daaaang girl, I ain’t even done with the book and it’s got me shookt to my core. No spoilers here because all I really wanted to do was recommend this book haha.

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5. Traveling to Singapore: This was my first time ever traveling alone! I’ve always gone abroad with family but this time, it was only me!! I am so grateful I got to collaborate with Mercedes Benz and they were able to send me to Singapore for the Ultra Music Festival. I am also L I V I N G because I got to stay at this super luxurious room in the Ritz Carlton all to myself and guuurl it was extra af I mean, look at that view and bathroom. Even if I was only there for the weekend, it was fun getting to spend it with some old and new friends.

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6. Annual Father-Daughter Trip: This year, my dad and I traveled to Japan and if you’ve known me since I was about 12, I have always wanted to go to Japan mainly because of the food, culture, people, manga, and anime (lol). It was a beautiful 10-day trip to Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. I had sooo much fun planning my itinerary for this trip. My dad left all the planning to me because he knows I love logistics and know way more about Japan than he does, haha. Overall, it was a fun and food-filling experience ( h e h e ). You know it’s a good trip when you gain 2-5 pounds and not feel guilty about it.

~Okay, so that brings my little appreciation post to an end~

Comment below what you’re grateful for and why and let’s learn to enjoy the small pleasures of life!

♡ Aryanna

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