1-Minute IG Vlogger #AryannaInAMinute

E! Breakthrough Influencer of the Year, winner

MTV/OPMTV VJ • Blogger • YouTuber

Aryanna is a multi-media triple threat. She delivers the music to a generation hungry for it, makes videos and blogs for audiences, too. She’s intelligent, she’s relatable and her blogs reach millions. And she’s just getting started. Brands managers, take note!”
Tim Yap, Founding Editor, Philippine Star Supreme

“Aryanna Epperson is the girl you need to watch for! The 19-year-old […] won the MTV VJ hunt back in 2014 and has since then paved a way to make a name of her own. Even on social media, this blogger and young fashionista effortlessly stands out. [She’s] got us believing she’s indeed an It girl on the rise!”

“I have to say I find Aryanna Epperson to be one of the most refreshing girls her age. When I bump into her in the mall she is not wearing anything too short or ripped up, and yet her personal style is far from staid. At formal events she hardly wears makeup when all the other girls her age look like they hired a professional to work on them. In my personal opinion, teens should dress and look like teens, and she hits the mark. I’m not saying they should not try makeup or follow trends, but moderation is something teens have to be guided on.”
Ria Prieto, Contributing Beauty Editor, Philippine Daily Inquirer

“Her style is effortless, feminine, unique, and full of color”
Blogger Style feature, Candymag.com

“Aryanna Epperson: patron saint of introverts who have broken out of their shells, people who do things for themselves, and cat girls”
Cover girl,  Scout Magazine

“We should have been warned, clicking on Aryanna Epperson’s YouTube account (youtube.com/PepperDraws) is like being sucked into a black hole — a bright, high contrast and sharp one that is ironically light and airy. And we mean that that in a very nice way.
Warm, genuine, and unbelievably pleasant, there is no difference from the Aryanna you watch online talking about her room makeover or getting pan de sal abs, the Aryanna you see hamming it up as an MTV VJ, the Aryanna you scroll through on your Instagram feed and the Aryanna you meet in real life. It is a classic case of what you see is what you get. And yes, we definitely love what we see on and offline.
A rising multi-hyphenate, the self-confessed cat girl has come a long way in the digital realm. But as she winks and nods to us, there is still a lot more she has up her sleeves — and boy, we can’t wait to hit double tap on her next post.”
 The Social Network Superstars feature, Mega Magazine

“I’m doing a lot of different things at the moment. They’re all interesting to me, though,” says cheerful social media sweetheart Aryanna Epperson. And they must be, if she’s able to successfully juggle highly-followed accounts such as those on YouTube and Instagram, while being an MTV VJ at the same time, and making it to the dean’s list at the De La Salle University, where she is majoring in marketing management.
– Cover Story, Calyxta.com